Fundamentals of Experiential Movement Seminar Series

with Sylvia Leiner Shordike
Boston 2024-2025

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August 3, 2024 12-2pm EST (or via recording)

Parents, caregivers, and practitioners serving children with special needs, join NeuroHorizons® founder Sylvia Leiner Shordike for a free online introduction to her upcoming Boston NeuroHorizons® Fundamentals of Experiential Movement seminar series, hosted by Feldenkrais® Education of New England, Inc.

Seminar participants develop their embodied, relational presence as the key to eliciting remarkable outcomes for children with special needs. The program offers a unique, experiential synthesis and a personalized, in-person, small-group format that maximizes and expedites this learning.

In the intro Sylvia will identify the attitudes and approaches that consistently lead to optimal outcomes for children. Parents and practitioners can quickly learn many effective skills to make real differences in developmental trajectories. Visit the NeuroHorizons website to get more information or to reserve your space in the seminar series!

Embody. Envision. Elicit. Empower®

“The joy factor has exponentially increased in our life. I continue to be astounded by the profound physical, mental, and emotional changes within myself and for my Special Needs Child.

I could immediately use what I learned with my boy, and his movement and language are shifting and growing at a remarkable pace. After all the years of trying other modalities, my connection with my son has now transformed into a distinct experience of joy, freedom and flexibility.”

Annemarie Miller
NeuroHorizons graduate &
Mother of a Child with Special Needs

“Since the very first Segment I’ve been applying what we learned to my kids, including my son with CP, and their nervous systems pick it up and shift so quickly. I am fascinated and so excited. Thank you for this learning.”

Janine Keller
NeuroHorizons Graduate &
Mother of a Child with Special Needs

“I’ve learned to work with my daughter with cerebral palsy in ways I never knew were possible. Attentive movement has become an automatic part of our daily routine — if I am touching my daughter we are learning together. Watching each little change through everyday neural plasticity has been amazing. This program has been a one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience for us both.”

Cassie Baker
NeuroHorizons Graduate &
Mother of a Child with Special Needs

“After each Segment I came away feeling empowered, gaining confidence in myself and my ability to help my Special Needs son. You deliver a wonderful, experiential learning process in which I discover new movements, tools, and understanding, and which allow me to re-create the process at home for my own children.”

Aideen Roddy
NeuroHorizons Graduate &
Mother of a Child with Special Needs

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“I really can not recommend Sylvia’s seminars enough. The dedication and skill she brings to teaching this work enables parents and caregivers to become true catalysts for transformation and the emergence of newfound possibilities for their children and/or loved ones.” 

Kara Kendellen, NeuroHorizons & Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®

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